Product Offering and Buyers Guide

Fabco Plastics offers virtually every component of the fluid processing system. In our 454 page catalogue can be found over 22,000 industrial plastic products made from a wide variety of plastic materials. This publication has become the bible of the industry for Contractors, Maintenance managers and Engineers alike.

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  • Pricing

    We offer very competitive pricing, but more importantly, we sit down and discuss yourproject's timeline and determine the most cost effective pricing, terms, and delivery options which may include all or some of the following:

    • Firm pricing for a number of months to reduce the cost uncertainty.
    • A specific number of free shipments for the duration of the project which will reduce the need for storing, and possibly damaging, a large quantity of material.
    • Booked orders for all materials for the entire job with draws in order to reduce the cost of the material based on volume and to ensure the material is in stock and ready to ship when you require it.

    A copy of our current up to date pricing is available on our home page.

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  • Delivery

    Fabco Plastics has three delivery trucks on the road every day in Southern Ontario ensuring that the product you need arrives at your office or the jobsite when you are ready to install.

    The cost of sending an employee in a company vehicle to a material supplier is staggering. For a nominal fee, we will deliver any size order directly to your office or jobsite. If you make your purchasing decisions based on the supplier that is closest, then Fabco is the answer because nothing is closer than your loading dock.

  • Inventory

    Fabco Plastics carries over 3 months worth of inventory on our key items to ensures that we can fill over 98% of our order line items from stock. This means that you get the product you need, when you need it.

  • Supply

    Although Fabco is authorized distributor for all major brands of industrial Plastics, our own signiture brand of pipe, valves and fittings, Chemkor, is manufactured in Canada to our strict specifications ensuring that all components have the same tolerances creating consistent fit between pipe, fittings, and valves.

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